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Created on 2010-03-06 17:54:01 (#483382), last updated 2010-10-10 (366 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Sep 19
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
I like kitties

Interests (141):

42, :o, acting, all sorts of faggotry, androgyny, angst, animal rescue, apocalyptica, asdf, bathrooms, biology, body modification, broadway, buddha, buddhism, catch 22, cats, cats behaving badly, cellos, chai, cheese, classical, classical music, clicking there, coffee, comedy, computer science, computers, constructive chaos, csi, d:, ddr, deutsch, digital art, discordianism, doctor who, drawing, drawing pretty pictures, eating babies, eating homophobes, eating homophones, eddie izzard, eris, feta cheese, food allergies, free software, furry art, gay rights, gender ambiguities, gender queer, genetics, german, girls, h2g2, having big boobs, highly reflective surfaces, hitchhiker's guide, house md, hybrid-electric vehicles, instant messenger, interactive context analyzer, internet lols, intruments, jazz, kthnxby, langina, le tigre, lesbian, lesbians, lgbt, linux, livejournal: serious business, lj drama, lollerskating to the rofflehouse, lols, lols royce, lulz, makin' purdy pictures, maplol syrup, monty python, music, net neutrality, non-exploding lithium ion batteries, not lactose, not tapeworms, not wheat, null, omg, omg a map wtf, omgwtfbbq, one or more internets, one third of pants, os x, paper, perl, photoshop, pirates, poetry, political incorrectness, polyamory, possibly flying, pr0ns, programming, pseudorandom numbers, psychadelic flash, pwnage, really bad voice acting, really obscure interests, rent, ridiculous livejournal interests, rpi, saxophone, saxophones, sex, ska, snakes, social unacceptability, spoonerisms, spork, star trek, stephen colbert, super speed, techies, techno, thai food, that's ridiculous, the homosexual agenda, the internets, three finger salute, torchwood, trees, trigun, truthiness, unnatural selection, wasabi peanuts, wasabi peas, watching out for snakes, wii, writing, your mom, ytmnd
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